Welcome to the thinSoft Home Page.

ThinSoft Corporation is a Software Consulting company specializing in Thin Client Software, Java, and Internet Technologies.  We provide a range of computer services to high-technology companies worldwide.  For more information on these services contact:

Gene Olson          gene@thinSoft.com           612-414-4590

We will also be offering a collection of free software under the GNU license to the Internet Community.  For a preview of this software check out the following links:

ChessLayout - A Java Layout Manager.

 A Java layout manager similar in function to the java.awt.GridBagLayout, but more powerful and much easier to use.

KME - The Kernel Memory Editor

A curses-based program that dynamically views Unix kernel/user memory in real-time, operating like a spreadsheet.

qspool - Quest Printer Spooler

A curses-based print spooler, originally sold by Quest Research of Minneapolis, but now offered at zero-cost.